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FocusVape Pro S AquaVape³ Set *Gun Metal*

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The new Focusvape Pro S not only looks better, but also provides more safety! The top dog among the herbal vaporizers! In 3 metallic colors!


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FocusVape Pro S – the Focusvape Pro even further improved and in a new noble aluminum housing! Here in the AquaVape³ set incl. 14 “borosilicate glass adapter.

NOW NEW: optimized heating element for even thicker clouds of steam.

The new Focusvape Pro S is the absolute world first: infinitely variable temperature control, a sealed, electronically separated air duct, an airflow control system, a ceramic heating chamber, replaceable battery and a vibration system speak for themselves and are just some of the features of this new vaporizer.

Chic design and high quality workmanship
The Focusvape Pro S has been designed to meet even the highest demands. Senseless accents that only enhance the appearance, but have no further benefit, have been deliberately omitted so that the Focusvape Pro S and remains slim and portable.
The built-in materials aluminum, stainless steel, ceramics and borosilicate glass are of very high quality. Equally high quality is the entire processing. You can feel it, see and taste it. The already very good silica gel skin of the Focusvape Pro has been removed and replaced by an even more elegant aluminum housing.

New improved ceramic heating system for even thicker clouds of steam
The Focusvape Pro S has a heating chamber made of medical grade ceramic. This ensures pure steam and pure taste.
The specially finished thin wall of the ceramic heating chamber allows ultra-fast heating of just 30 seconds. So you do not have to wait forever until you can use the Focusvape Pro S, but sets off after a short time. All temperatures are reached in record speed.
The heating chamber has been further improved compared to the Focuvape Pro: for even more effectiveness and more gentle evaporation.

Stepless temperature setting & OLED display
The Focusvape Pro S has a new and flexible temperature control system that provides a stepless temperature setting between 80 ° C and 240 ° C. The clear OLED display is easily recognizable even in sunlight and shows the current and set temperature and the battery level.

Airflow Control System
With the 3 draft holes the Focusvape Pro S allows the regulation of the air supply. A feature that many vaporizer users want and what has finally been realized in the Focusvape Pro S.

Sealed air duct
Another important feature of the Focusvape Pro S is the air channel separated from the electronics. This breathe only the air sucked in through the 3-draft holes – without the risk of electric smog or similar. An absolutely pure evaporation experience with the Focusvape Pro S!

vibration system
The Focusvape Pro S not only shows you when the set temperature is reached and you can start evaporation. He also signals it by vibration. So you always notice in time, when the device is ready. This prevents the material from evaporating without you inhaling it. Save money by doing so!

High capacity replaceable battery (3200 mAh)
The standard battery is already very persistent. A replaceable battery is an important feature of the Focusvape Pro S to be flexible at all times. The replaceable and standard battery (18650 standard) is also much cheaper to buy than the batteries of other vaporizers. The battery can be changed constantly and everywhere.

Mouthpiece made of durable borosilicate glass
Since mouthpieces made of plastic often distort the taste, the Focusvape Pro S has been equipped with a borosilicate glass mouthpiece.

More safety
With the Focusvape Pro S, the electronics have been improved even more and are now even safer. Furthermore, he was given a degassing, which contributes to battery-powered devices to more security.

USB cable
That should become the standard! The user can decide for himself how to charge the battery: via USB cable or via an (optional) external charger.

The Focusvape Pro S is a great and flexible vaporizer for thick clouds of steam. The many features were in their entirety in no other vaporizer. This vaporizer was designed to meet the high demands of professionals. The Focusvape Pro S achieves that with flying colors! The new improvements over the Pro model not only look good, but also provide more safety. The new non-plus ultra among herbal vaporizers!

AquaVape³ water filter with 14er-cut

This accessory is a must for anyone who wants to use our various vaporizers for added efficiency and performance. The water filter is made of the highest quality borosilicate glass and ensures that the steam is even cooler and therefore better for your neck and lungs.

What is the advantage of using a water filter with a vaporizer?

Since the steam is additionally filtered, it is cooled down immediately after production and freed from any final impurities. The steam is thus much cleaner and fresher and the inhalation is almost pollutant free.
The water filter can be used with the right adapter with many different vaporizers.
ATTENTION: Vaporizers are mostly electronic. Therefore, they must not come into contact with water. Please do not add too much water and do not keep the water filter at an angle, so that no water leaks! Before putting on the vaporizer, please check that the cut is dry and that no water can run into the vaporizer or heating chamber!

Improvements of the AquaVape³ compared to the AquaVape²:

  • Two-piece with cap: easy filling and easier cleaning
  • High quality and thick borosilicate glass
  • Smaller, slimmer and better to handle
  • Optimal amount of water is held and the perk slots are completely covered
  • Nevertheless, no high splash of water … the mouth stays dry
  • Accurate 14mm cut (no wobbling)

AquaVape³ vaporizer waterfilter Details:

  • Height: 125 mm
  • Diameter: 30 mm
  • water filtration
  • a lot of percolators
  • Borosilicate glass / glassware
  • 14er inside cut (14.5 mm)

FocusVape Pro S Details:

  • new and classically designed vaporizer with many great and some new features
  • new aluminum case in 3 metallic colors
  • more safety through degassing function and improved electronics
  • new ultra-fast ceramic heating system
  • short heat-up time of only about 30 seconds
  • stepless temperature setting between 80 ° C – 240 ° C
  • Airflow system: regulate the air supply yourself!
  • sealed air duct
  • vibration system
  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • Rechargeable via external charger or USB cable
  • noble gift packaging in white (outside) and green (inside)
FocusVape Pro S Scope of delivery:
  • 1x FocusVape Pro S in *gun metal*
  • 1x AquaVape³ water filter made of laboratory glass 14er cut
  • 1x water filter adapter made of laboratory glass 14er cut
  • 1x original LG / Samsung battery with 3200mAh
  • 1x replacement mouthpiece
  • 1x 5pin USB cable
  • 1x sieve set mouthpiece (3 pcs.)
  • 1x cleaning set (brush + pusher)
  • 4x alcohol wipes
  • 1x instructions for use u.a. in German
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