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Flowermate AURA *Black*

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The new Flowermate AURA pen vaporizer with high-quality OLED Display & exact temperature control between 40°C and 230°C! Now NEW!


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FlowerMate AURA

The Flowermate AURA is the newest product from the manufacturer Smiss Flowermate. The new and handy pen form is unique device amongst the Flowermate product range.
With Flowermate AURA the producer has placed emphasis on providing a device that is easy to use, mobile and cheap – and that with the proven functionality package without making hardly any compromises. This objective was surely achieved with AURA.
The AURA vaporizer is a very presentable and high-quality device: An OLED-Display with continuous temperature control, a quick heating ceramic heating chamber and high-performance Samsung/LG lithium ions battery cover a range of demands.

High-performance and fast ceramic heating element

In less than one minute the Flowermate AURA is ready for use. The modern ceramic heating technology ensures that no herbs are burnt. The Flowermate AURA is like its “brothers” a comprehensive vaporizer without combustion.
Full and continuous temperature control
The temperature of AURA can be continuously adjusted between 40°C and 230°C. The high-performance heating element ensures that the temperature is reached quickly. This guarantees the trouble-free vaporization of herbs, waxes and liquids. 

Pure taste and thick vapor

It supplies pure, thick and tasty vapor. This makes the Flowermate AURA a real vaporizer: It vaporizes herbs, resin or wax instead of burning it as many pen vaporizers do with heating coil. That cannot happen with the AURA.

Clear OLED Display shows everything

The clear OLED Display shows at all times the set and actual temperature that you can observe the heating process and will know when AURA is ready for use. It also displays the battery status. This provides you with perfect control over your Flowermate AURA.

Insulated vapor channel

The vapor channel of AURA has been separated and is completely isolated from the electrics. Pure vapor and taste are guaranteed with AURA .

Capsule for herbs, waxes and liquids in the delivery scope

A new feature with all Flowermate devices is the inclusion of a capsule (steel pod) for herbs and liquids as part of the delivery scope. The Flowermate AURA can be used universally. 

Micro-USB and automatic switch-off function

The Flowermate AURA can be comfortably recharged with the included Micro USB cable and it also has a switch-off automatic that kicks in after 5 minutes and increases safety.
1) Switch on Flowermate AURA by quickly pressing the power button five times
2) Set temperature with + and – keys
3) Keep Power button pressed for about two seconds for activating heating
4) When the vapor sysmbol appears AURA is heated up and the vapor process can start

Note: The mouthpiece of Flowermate AURA is not very robustg. We recommend for this reason Flowermate models with glass mouthpieces or FocusVape (better alternative to AURA).


FlowerMate AURA Details:

  • 100% pure vapor, no burning
  • Separate vapor channel for pure taste
  • High-performance integrated lithium ions battery with 2600 mAh
  • Compact pen pesign (< 15 cm)
  • Pre-heating time less than one minute
  • Digital display with continuous temperature control between 40°C – 230°C
  • Improved ceramic heating chamber
  • Suitable for herbs, waxes and oils
  • Automatic switch-off function after 5 minutes
  • Micro USB connection


Delivery scope:

  • 1x Flowermate AURA Vaporizer (newest version)
  • 1x AURA Mouthpiece
  • 1x Liquid capsule (Steel Pod)
  • 1x Dry herb capsule (Steel Pod)
  • 5x Stainless steel sieves
  • 1x Tool and cleaning brush
  • 1x Micro-USB charging cable
  • 1x Manual (English)

Additional information

Specification: Flowermate AURA *Black*

Weight 18 kg
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