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Advantages of Convection Vaporizers!

If you’re looking for a new vaporizer, then it may be time that you upgraded to a convection vaporizer!

There is no denying that vaporizers have come a long way in a relatively short period. Over the last decade, we have seen vaporizers go from large bulky devices too much smaller and more efficient models.

In fact, one of the biggest changes we have seen is the adaption of different heating techniques. Getting the most out of your dry herbs has always been the ultimate goal. But that has been somewhat limited by the devices we have had on offer.

Now, we have some truly amazing portable vaporizers such as the FENiX 2.0 and the FX Mini Night Blue. They both utilize 4th generation convection heating. If you don’t know what the difference between combustion, conduction, and convection is, then keep reading. We’ll explain the differences to you.

What Is The Difference Between Combustion, Conduction, and Convection Heating?

There are thousands of different vaporizers to choose from. When you first start looking for vaporizers, it can be quite overwhelming trying to choose one that suits your needs. In the beginning, there were only two types of vaporizers. Small cheap models that were portable, and larger desktop vaporizers that required mains power to operate.

Now, there are many more options to choose from. There are still larger desktop vaporizers. But now we have the option of choosing a variety of different heating methods, even in smaller portable, stealthy vaporizers.

Types of heating methods

Below we’ll talk about the three main types of heating methods and what separates them:

Combustion Heating

Combustion heating is when the heating chamber is dry herb is placed directly into the heating chamber. Therefore, it comes into direct contact with either a heating coil, element or filament. These kinds of vaporizers are usually the cheapest because they’re the easiest to make. They are also one of the least efficient ways to enjoy your dry herbs. This is because the herbs are heated to hot and too fast which causes them to burn. It’s probably the closest thing to traditional smoking that you can get. It’s one of the least effective and unhealthiest methods of vaping available.

Conduction Heating

Conduction heating is similar to combustion. The only difference is that here the herbs are not in direct contact with the heating element. The problem occurs on the edge of the chamber where there is too much heat. But in the center of the chamber, the herbs don’t get heated up well enough. This often results in poor sessions. This means you need to stir and mix the herbs up before you can continue vaping. Conduction vaporizers are better than combustion vaporizers, but still not the perfect vaping experience every time. They do heat the herb rather than burn it. But, it is still good enough so the herbs release the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavor inside the dry herb.

Convection Heating

Considered by vaping enthusiasts as the most efficient way to enjoy dry herbs. Convection heating pushes the heated air through the chamber where the dry herb is stored. Therefore, the dry herb is never in contact with the heating element. The herb is heated evenly throughout the chamber. Also, this heating method is one of the best ways to vape. The evaporation release the terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavors from the dry herb.

History of convection

One of the biggest drawbacks of convection heating was always the size and portability of the vaporizers. In fact, most convection vaporizers were larger desktop style vaporizers that weren’t portable or cheap. They worked well at home, but they were impossible to use anywhere that you didn’t have access to mains power. Not very stealthy when you pull out a large desktop vaporizer and whip bag.

The new 4th generation convection vaporizers are much smaller and more efficient. Companies have managed to get all the benefits of desktop convection vaporizers and put them into powerful portable battery-powered vapes. Furthermore, with adjustable temperature control and long-lasting batteries, the 4th generation vaporizers are truly impressive!

Our recommendations

Portable vaporizers such as the FENiX 2.0 and the FX Mini Night Blue both utilize 4th generation convection heating. So. this takes the best parts of convection heating and combines it with some fantastic new advances in technology. You’ll be able to get the best heating method, new features, and all packaged in a portable and powerful vaporizer.

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